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Electrical Field Services
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Power Quality

Power Quality

Whether the problem be voltage sags, harmonics, high frequency impulses, noise, power factor or wiring and grounding issues, Power Analysis Co. has the expertise and equipment to locate the source and make appropriate repairs / recommendations.

Although very few Power Quality circumstances are the same, a typical  analysis would entail an in-depth investigative discussion with facility personnel, a field study of your facility's electrical distribution and grounding system as well as power monitoring. 

With our Power Quality expertise, we can determine the existing quality / reliability of your electrical power system and maximize productivity through improvements.


To clearly and accurately evaluate a facility's grounding system, the study must be subdivided into two categories: Earth Ground and Equipment Ground.

The purpose of Earth Grounding is to: 
  • Create a low impedance path to earth for the discharge of lightning, static and other energy.
  • Anchor the Main Service entrance and building at earth potential.
  • Establish a "zero voltage" reference point.

 The purpose of Equipment Grounding is:

  • The "green wire" or conduit grounds the exposed metal parts of the equipment cabinet.
  • Provides "zero-voltage" referencing to all digital equipment.
  • Also called the Safety Ground, it is an alternate path of return current.  During a fault condition, it trips a breaker or fusible switch to maintain the utilization equipment frame at earth level.
  • Starts at the service neutral to ground bond and ends on the utilization equipment.

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