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Power Analysis Co.  Providing a wide range of Electrical Field Services to insure the reliability of your electrical system.

Facility managers and maintenance personnel are faced with unprecedented and complex problems which require timely and cost effective solutions.  We are dedicated towards providing solutions which are accurate, reliable and cost efficient.

Whether it's testing, trouble shooting or analyzing the complete facility or area of concern, we have the knowledge and equipment to perform. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Infrared Analysis
  • Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Studies
  • Switchgear Maintenance and Testing
  • Breaker Testing
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Grounding Analysis
  • Load Capacity Monitoring
  • Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Updated Electrical Drawings (CAD)
  • Updated Panel Schedules
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Existing Condition Surveys - An extensive study, incorporating any or all of the above capabilities to provide a thorough view of the present condition of your facility. 



Power Analysis Co.
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