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Switchgear Maintenance

Switchgear Maintenance1

Top-Notch Switchgear Maintenance Services

Whether Industrial, Commercial, Telecommunications or Computer Centers, the Power Analysis Co. has the experience and test equipment to perform your complete Switchgear Maintenance (up to 15,000 volts).


  • Primary and Secondary Injection testing of breakers
  • Contact Resistance of fusible switches and breakers
  • Ground Fault testing
  • Insulation Resistance testing
  • Infrared Analysis
  • Code Compliance
  • Cleaning
  • Adjustments and Repairs


  • Transformer Winding Resistance (turn-to-turn)
  • Oil Analysis
  • Infrared Analysis
  • Code Compliance
  • Cleaning

Other Services include: Motor Circuit Analysis, Overload and Overcurrent Protection Analysis, Grounding Analysis and more.

Other Equipment include: Motor Control Centers, Power Factor Capacitors, Bus Duct, Transfer Switches, Variable Frequency Drives and more.